The World Leader in Carbon Black

Birla Carbon is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality carbon black additives globally, and a flagship business of the US $44.3 billion Aditya Birla Group. With the vision to be the most respected, dynamic and sustainable global carbon black business, our leadership strives every day to ensure that we are an effective partner to our customers, developing and delivering product consistently and responsibly for your needs.

With a history of innovation, Birla Carbon has also concentrated on research and development to ensure the company retains its flexibility to accommodate custom solutions and shifting industry demands.

Making Products Stronger, Lighter and Longer Lasting

We provide a complete portfolio of products across ASTM grades and specialty blacks to meet the specific end requirements across rubber, plastics, coatings, inks and niche industries globally. Our key brands include Birla Carbon, Raven® and Conductex®. The global manufacturing presence, with significant production capabilities and supply capability, ensures regular and uninterrupted availability of consistent quality products for our customers. These include leading brands and companies across tire, rubber, plastic, ink and paint industries globally.

As an ardent practitioner of sustainable development, Birla Carbon’s sustainability objectives include employee safety, environmental stewardship, efficient use of carbon black and a key focus on conducting operations in a socially and ethically responsible manner. We are an environmentally conscious supplier with concentrated effort on sustaining and improving the environment through optimization of resources and reduction of emissions. All of our locations comply with or go beyond all local, governmental and environmental regulations.

160+ YEARS
A Leader from the Beginning

For more than 160 years, Birla Carbon has been at the forefront of the carbon black industry, pushing innovation and development to ensure that practically any need in any place in the world can be met.

  • 2010-Present

    Birla Carbon completes 25 years of operations in Hungary on March 21.
    Birla Carbon awarded gold rating for the third consecutive time by EcoVadis for Sustainable Practices.

    Launched Birla Carbon Purpose – Share the Strength, after a detailed internal and external study.
    On July 1, 2018, all Birla Carbon entities around the world renamed to represent one Birla Carbon across its operations.
    On July 24, 2018, Birla Carbon India’s Gummidipoondi unit completed 20 years.
    On July 28, 2018, Birla Carbon India’s Renukoot unit completed 30 years.
    Birla Carbon completes 60 years of operations in Brazil in October.
    Birla Carbon releases its sixth sustainability report on September 18.

    Birla Carbon inaugurated its carbon black plant in Jining, China on September 8. The plant in Jining is its largest greenfield investment in China.
    Birla Carbon receives consecutive Gold rating by EcoVadis for Sustainability.
    ‘Social Value of Carbon Black’ learning video released along with booklets in 24 languages.
    Birla Carbon releases its fifth Sustainability Report.
    Birla Carbon announces Joint Development Agreement with American Process Inc. for combining nanocellulose and carbon black in tires.

    The company celebrates 75 years of innovation as the first carbon black company to install an industrial electron microscope, which took place in 1941.
    Pirelli presents Supplier Awards for 2016 to Birla Carbon.
    The company is awarded the Golden Peacock Global Award for Sustainability.
    Birla Carbon Scholars Program promotes Science and Mathematics at Kennesaw State University.
    The company is awarded the Gold rating by EcoVadis for Sustainability.
    Birla Carbon releases its fourth Sustainability Report.
    As part of its consolidation of operations, Birla Carbon announces restructuring of Europe and Africa Region.

    Birla Carbon proposes to establish a greenfield carbon black production plant in Shandong province, China.
    Birla Carbon releases its third Sustainability Report, the first online-only report in the carbon black industry.

    Birla Carbon releases its second Sustainability Report.

    Hi-Tech Carbon demerged from Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. SKI Carbon Black (India) Pvt Ltd. Incorporated.
    Birla Carbon releases its first Sustainability Report.

    Aditya Birla Group acquires Columbian Chemicals Co. and becomes the largest carbon black company globally under the corporate brand Birla Carbon.

    Hi-Tech Carbon, Patalganga starts operations in India.

  • 2000-2009

    Columbian Chemicals Co. expands its China and Hungary facilities.
    One Equity Partners acquires DC Chemicals ownership portion of Columbian Chemicals Co.

    Columbian Chemicals Co. starts operations at Bahia, a Greenfield facility.
    Columbian Chemicals Co. acquires Weifang facility in China.
    Columbian Chemicals Co. North Bend Cogeneration facility starts operations.

    Columbian Chemicals Co. is acquired from Phelps Dodge by DC Chemicals/One Equity Partners.

    Liaoning Birla Carbon, a subsidiary of Thai Carbon Black Public Co. Ltd., starts operations in China.

  • 1990-1999

    Columbian Chemicals Co. acquires Korea facility from Korea Kumho Petrochemical Co.

    Columbian Chemicals Co. acquires Brazil facility, Cubatao, from Copebras.

    Hi-Tech Carbon, Gummidipoondi, starts operations in India.

    Columbian Chemicals Co. acquires Spain facility from Repsol.

    Aditya Birla Group starts operations in Egypt with Alexandria Carbon Black Co. SAE.

    Columbian Chemicals Co. builds and commences Hungary facility/operations.

  • 1980-1989

    Birla Carbon starts operations in India through Hi-Tech Carbon, Renukoot.

    Phelps Dodge acquires Columbian Chemicals Co.

    Von Hoffman purchases Columbian Chemicals Co.

    Consolidated Mining acquires Columbian Che