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Carbon black plays a key role in improving properties important to tire manufacturing and tire performance. Our complete line of high-quality ASTM-grade carbon blacks for tire producers deliver increased durability and reinforcement for added product life.

Selecting the right carbon black for each component of the tire is important in providing the optimal balance of properties. Rely on us to work with you to match the right product to your precise application.

In tire tread compounds, the balance between wear resistance, rolling resistance and traction is critical. Our line of patented enhanced performance carbon blacks has been designed to improve treadwear and rolling resistance, while maintaining traction. This is an important step toward meeting the ever-changing industry standards required for tire labeling and fuel economy.

Other carbon blacks have been formulated to further reduce non-tread compound hysteresis and improve inner liner permeability that helps to increase tire life and fuel economy.

Our technology services teams are focused on developing new grades of carbon black for further improvements in treadwear and reducing heat buildup in the tread and non-tread components. These improvements can reduce CO2 emissions, also improving fuel economy and tire life. The result is more environmentally friendly products for sustainable transportation and a cleaner planet.




Birla Carbon has entered into a Joint Development Agreement to study the potential of combining nanocellulose and carbon black in tires.

Enhanced Performance Tread Blacks
To meet tire manufacturers’ requirements for lower rolling resistance, while maintaining treadwear and traction, Birla Carbon has developed a range of carbon blacks with a tailored morphology that offers reduced hysteresis, while maintaining carbon black’s traditional benefits. The range consists of three grades:

  • BC2109 High-abrasion, low rolling resistance truck tread applications
  • BC2056 High-abrasion, low rolling resistance truck tread applications
  • BC2123 Non-tread applications

This grade’s unique combination of particle size, structure, and surface chemistry makes it the preferred carbon black for racing, and an ideal carbon black for high-performance tire applications, allowing the production of tires with superior durability, handling, and traction characteristics.


As the world’s largest producer and supplier of carbon black, Birla Carbon delivers effective solutions anywhere and anytime you need to help you succeed.


Birla Carbon Renovates School in Italy

The commitment of Birla Carbon Europe, along with state funds, makes the renovation of the Don Milani primary school in Trecate, Italy, possible.

The Power of One, Interview with Birla Carbon CEO

Dr. Santrupt B. Misra talks about how the global company is capturing synergies of its carbon black businesses across geographies to create value and gain competitive advantage.

Dr. Misra Receives Global Leader of the Year Award

CEO Magazine conferred The Global Leader of the Year Award upon Dr. Misra, the CEO of Birla Carbon and Group HR Director of the Aditya Birla Group.